Marketing and Advertising Poll: what does your Business prefer the most?

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Blog comments are still useful for SEO

Are blog comments effective for web traffic and SEO or search engines consider these SPAM after Google Panda and Penguin updates?

Blog comments are still effective, but do not consider it ONLY a way to drive traffic and get links, but try to build rapport with the author/writer and initiate conversation.

Instead of involvement in unrelated posts, one should engage in blog posts and articles related to one’s business, e.g. If one is from marketing and advertising sector, it is advisable to select and comment on related posts.

Read policies in a web page, before start to comment on any blog or articles. Spam may not help in the long run.

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Create and submit Sitemaps to help Google crawl and index better

Wonder, how Google interprets the content on your website? To make the search engine crawl or index web-pages, one should include Sitemaps.

During normal crawl process, Google may fail to discover some of the pages. Thus, create and submit Sitemaps to help the search engine find out and index relevant pages.

Make sure the web-pages are well-linked to each other. This aids the crawler navigate better and comprehend the site structure.

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With the updated Google News, never fail to spot global events

The search engine giant is here with latest Google News features. News updates, summary, information and reports on just anything, get everything at the fingertips with a few clicks of the button.

Google introduced some of these segments in the News page, to inform the readers on different events of their interest: ‘Sports Score’, Weather section, Editors’ Picks to name but a few.

Sports enthusiast can watch live scores and get updates on different sporting activities. The weather section would help readers plan their trip well in advance. Get to read hand-picked news articles by the Editors, of interest to the community.

With Google around, now never miss any news or events across the globe.

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Capture images and contribute to Google Street View Trekker Projects

Google calls for attention from people, for Street View Trekker projects. The (limited) pilot program allows third parties to borrow trekker equipment of Google, to capture panoramic images of different landscapes and terrains.

The search engine giant will use the images to enhance Google map services.

Google invites Research groups, Non-profit, Government agencies and Tourism boards (to name but a few) to come forward to make use of Street View Trekker and contribute to the project through images.

Capture images of different locations (of interest to the world community) and share it with Google, to better the services.

Stay tuned for search engine news and other stories.

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Quality back-links to add popularity and improve web traffic

Some websites are popular with people than other, an obvious reason – quality back-links, which help to build trust.

High page rank (rank 4 and above) is an indicator of quality. The number of back-links a website receives is a vote (for its popularity) and Google regards this one of the criteria for search engine ranking.

After several Google algorithm updates, watch out for the web-spam team. Make sure, quality links that your website has (so far) are through natural SEO method and not by any unethical means, like link farming and other similar practice.

See, what Google Webmaster has to say about back-links and reconsideration request.

Did your business follow any wrong link scheme for back-links to improve ranking? If yes, Google may deal with your site severely, sooner or later.

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Google AdSense for targeted advertising and proceeds

Anything with the Google name always is in strong demand, be it: software, platforms or tools for marketing or publishing.

Google recently celebrated the tenth (10th) anniversary of its core advertising business AdSense on June 18th 2013.

At present, the AdSense community of Google has more than 2 million publishers. AdSense has been a rewarding platform for both Google and publishing businesses.

Last year, the publishers (content creators) made more than $7 billion through AdSense on ads per click and impression basis.

Is your business using Google AdSense? If not, Web Listings Inc (the SEO Company) suggests everyone to make the most of it, for targeted ad placements.

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